Elder Scrolls Online: General feedback from New player

First post on the forums and would like to give a general feedback post about my thoughts about things so far starting to play this game.

First i bought the game almost a year ago i believe, but never bothered to actually play it until a few weeks ago when i finally got bored of final fantasy. I played WoW for 4 years and FF for 2 years. So coming into this game was a little more than a shock getting used to how the action bar and movement worked.

I was used to using WASD for movement tab targetting, and using my mouse for mouse over healing. So that was the first major hurdle. Just going to post a few points and go over what I current like and what as a new player coming from other MMOs have found to be the hardest adjustment.

1. Graphics. For me the immersion in a video game usually boils down to how “real” the graphics look and feel in the game, and ESO by far has impressed me in the regardless. I love exploring, seeing the sunrise/sunset, the rays of light shining through the trees. Very very well done. Not sure if maybe this is just me, but i feel that my character in creation always looks far better than when i actually see her in game. Maybe it is the lighting, and how the shadows are being cast, but something just always seems off after i see a character i just made load into the game.

2. Music. Haven’t had to much time to explore the different areas, but so far the music feels as it fits the zone i’m in, and the combat music sounds pretty good as well. Don’t really have to much to say on it other than so far i like it.

3. Exploration/questing. Such a nice change of not seeing “Go gather x amount of items” The quests are engaging and you for the most part because of all the voice acting feel as if you really are part of the quests. Greatly helps with immersion and the feeling of seeing your character grow in power. I find myself a lot of the times out in the world not really focusing on jumping from quest to quest, but rather just running in a direction and seeing what i find. A quest? A lockbox? Some gathering nodes? That in itself i can get lost in doing forgetting that i should be leveling up and gearing. So again a very nice change of pace where you can get lost in doing a particular activity outside the norm that helps keep you interested.

4. Delves/Public dungeons. Very those “lone” players that like to do things a lot on their own, easy content, some nice rewards, and if you just want to do something by yourself, hey you have some content to do. Might run into another player and help each other during a miniboss and such and become friends. Nice way of having people bump into one another.

5. Dungeons. Ok the first complaint of the post.
The good – The overall graphic design of the dungeons make them feel like dungeons. The story/quest of each dungeon is nice and once again helps with the overall immersion of the game.
The bad – Pretty much everything else at the moment for me. Before i play a game i try to read up on the type of class i will be playing and get a head start learning it. However the leveling dungeons (i.e. White gold tower that i am currently stuck on) is unforgiving at all in terms of trying to learn. Everything damn near one shots you, it took me two days to down the very first boss….the very first boss of a LEVELING dungeon. That is not a great way to encourage new players to stick with your game. Do i want difficult heroic type content? I sure do, but after i first get comfortable with healing (or whatever role you want to do) Not give me a dungeon that in terms of difficulty i would figure on seeing much further down in the leveling process.

I seriously almost uninstalled after that chaos. And please be aware, i WANT to like this game, i WANT to become an expert at it, but my god, zero forgiveness, almost makes you just want to give up. I do not feel powerful at all as a healer, instead of going into a fight like i would in WoW or FF with the thought of “I am going to rock this boss” instead in ESO my thought is “I wonder how many soul gems i am going to use giving rezzes out”

6. Gear/glamour/transmog/whatever you want to call it

I enjoy the idea of costumes, but i really was hoping to see a transmog/glamour system in this game. For those that do not understand what i mean. Lets say i have on a lvl 30 gear. I have a lvl 20 gear in my inventory i liked the look of better. I would like someway of clicking on my gear and turning it’s look into that lvl 20 piece.
The dye system though…i wish other games implemented that kind of system. It really is a great way that people can be wearing the same look of gear, but have hundred of thousands of ways to dye it and make it look unique to them. Soon as i discovered it i spent hours dying all my costumes and gear seeing how each looked. I caved and bought with crowns the pact style and glass style and have been busy leveling my crafting so i can keep up with it so i can always have that type of gear on. (Again wouldn’t be needed if a transmog/glamour system was introduced)

Thanks for reading my feedback, I hope to keep progressing


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