ZOS & Imperial City of Elder Scrolls Online One Year Anniversary RANT

A few days ago I would tell anyone that ESO is my favorite game. Easily. But now………. First, they announce the gamble crates. What is even worse that this, you may ask? What could possibly be worse than the thing that is worse than the COD crates? The upcoming Imperial City collector’s pack. Look, the reason I disliked the gamble crates is because they will allow people to get “LIMITED time” cosmetics. This takes away the whole limited factor! Never again will I impulse buy because it is limited. This is a dirty, dirty tactic ZOS, and you know it. You know how many people will gamble away hundreds for a frost horse. Not long ago, I supported ZOS’ business model, as I understood it to be how the company made money. Then, the breton hero costume came out, which was absolute garbage, and I bought it. The only reason I didn’t refund it is because it is “limited”, mind you. If they go through with this I probably will. Recently, the god-awful gamble crates were announced, and then I realized what is going on. ZOS is trying to milk us for what we have left, and soon it may end up like Black Desert Online.

Why am I mad about the Imperial City Anniversary bundle? Two words. LIMITED TIME. I bought the mind-shriven skin last year and skipped the horse. Now, instead of hoping you get the cosmetic, you can directly buy it! Do I wish I had the mind-shriven horse to go along with my skin? Yes, of course I do. Do you know what I want even more? Limited time items to be limited time. For example, I, like many others, missed out on the frost horse. What did I do? Did I become a special snowflake and frantically complain in the forums that other people were more active or more aware at that time, and everyone should be able to get it again? No. If I see a frost horse It usually means the rider is experienced because he’s been around a while. Same for the zombie horse, or even the mind-shriven horse. What about the Nightmare courser? I see a new player who hopped on a bandwagon. Now, fast forward when everyone has an icy or electric mount. What will I see? Well first of all they will be everywhere, which will be rather distracting, but having that mount is no longer an accomplishment. It no longer shows, “Hey, yeah I’ve been here a long time,” or “Hey, I’m a dedicated player.” It now shows, “I have lots of money.”

My point is these mounts and cosmetics will lose their uniqueness, and think about this ZOS: If ESO were real, ice mounts would be very rare, as they are currently. I think this “muh immersion” call is justified, because something like that should only be seen very rarely. In conclusion, ZOS please revert your choices. Don’t head down this path. This is currently my favorite game, and I want you to save it.


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