Top 5 Tips to Starting a New Character in ESO

My Tips I recommend to new players 1) Start feeding your horse ASAP everyday 2) Steal Stuff — quick way to get gold and to level legerdemain skill lines 3) Wear all 3 type of armor when u level up your char — Light, Med, Heavy — at post Level 50 — can chose whatever armor u like to use and it will be leveled for u already. I use drop loot for armor until I make my “real” armor at level post 50 — saves on repair cost and it also levels all 3 type of armor for u. If a armor is broken, just replace it with random loot drop.

Deaths wind armor set with training this is great for starting players and/or new characters regardless of class or role you want to accomplish it helps you level up your armor and be more tanky giving you more health and a repel effect when your health gets low giving you a great chance to heal. I use this all the way through level 50 making a new set every time I get to a new material like one iron set one steel set one orchish set one dwarven set and so on. I learned the importance this set when I as a level 11 Templar with heavy armor went into cyrodil to play around solo at the time a veteran 14 (this was a while ago) tried to kill me by himself between my resto staff heavy attacks giving magicka a healing ultimate and breath of life with the set bonuses I survived for literally 12 minutes (my friend recorded it) I did not die he gave up and ran away. I’ll admit he probably wasn’t that good but the point is the ability to survive using the bare minimum continuously. Its great.



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