This sums up what I was envisioning from Elder Scrolls Online

This video encapsulates what I felt ESO should have been before I really knew anything about the game. I had envisioned what a TES MMO could be. This video sums up what I was envisioning.

Every single thing in this video can be done in a MMO. There is nothing, technology wise, that could have stopped any of these concepts from being in ESO.

So, did ZOS get it all the concepts of TES that you wanted into your TES MMO?

Personally, when I started to play in beta, I saw the beautiful world, I saw we had 8 of the 9 races and a loosely designed class system and thought, this might just be what I had hoped for.

The first thing I did was run straight for the ocean. Ran down a peer and jumped… thud. I could not go under the water.

This actually shocked my system a little bit. This had to be some kind of bug, right? Nobody in their right mind would make a TES game and not allow you go go under the water. This was a staple of TES games. I’m not talking about WoW type of underwater, just your everyday TES underwater exploration. This put up a big red flag in my mind, but I moved on….

As days went by, I found more and more things that were not like a TES game.

The world was closed off by zones. I don’t just mean there were zones, I mean each zone was closed off until you finished a major quest line. This was beyond unacceptable. We had a closed off world in a TES game. First time ever to happen in a TES game. Unacceptable.

ZOS got the message. They eventually opened the zones.
Then they made a huge mistake to try to fix the first mistake. They made what we now know as vet levels in the enemy zones. Most of us felt that this was a bad move at best. We repeat the same quests over and over. This was rushed with little thought about how this would affect us in the long run.

We should have been sent in the other zones as spies. We should have been given quests in surveillance, assassinations, espionage, etc.

Problem is, that would have taken a lot more work, so the quick fix would have to do. After we finished the main quest, they just sent us to do the quests our alts are doing already….?

Time and time again, I found things out about ESO that was lacking of a true TES game. It was a bland, everyday MMO with a TES paintjob.

No housing.
No law system.
No dueling.
No underwater swimming.
No true open world to explore.
The quest system was nothing like TES.

I was in beta, so I and many others SCREAMED for changes.

To be fair, ZOS scrambled to change ESO to be more like TES. But that was the problem, from then until now, it has all been scrambling on their part.

They did not really have a real TES game as their priority, from the start. The design was for DaoC, not a open world like we had come to love.

They did not start out to make a TES MMO. They made a cheap quick MMO that had TES on the cover of the box. I truly believe that the graphics, TES visual world and action based combat system is the only thing that has kept ESO alive. There is not much else that is true TES, IMHO.

That is not to say it is a bad game. It is not a bad game. Sadly, this could have been an EPIC game and fell short.


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