What I hope the Elder Scrolls Online is in a year

Based on everything I’ve heard about changes and direction I think in a years time this game will be what many people want it to be; a real TES game.
With the introduction of the justice system alone this game will shed a bright light on Elder Scrolls.
What has been setting this apart so far is the lack of sand box feel, being able to go do what ever, where ever. In a years time I’m sure there will be enough content in the game post 50 to where it will actually turn into a sand box game.

What I’m envisioning is 1-50 being an enormous introduction, with a hand-holding aspect (start in this zone, level-up, hit next zone and so forth). People will be able to run dungeons (post minimum requirement) at any level due to scaling, and dungeons will be worth the repeat. Delves will all be more immersive, bugs will be less of an issue, and rewards for hard work will be fair. Post 50 the game will open up and become more sandbox, the alternate universe of current post game wont exist and there will be enough content outside of other factions people wont even have to go through them and be able to save it for alts. I’m assuming the option will be players can still quest in other factions but NPC’s will recognize you differently, and the option to do it all with one character will still exist.

What I hope the Elder Scrolls Online is in a year

PvP will be much more diverse. The Imperial City will be available to players and everyone will want a piece of the action, and with the reduction of campaigns PvP will be much more competitive for buffs and control over the Imperial city. Pre-Vet campaign’s will even allow an alternate leveling format and fairer competition for new players. Small scale PvP may also be implemented (assuming in Cyrodiil) giving the game 3v3v3 arena. ZOS has claimed they don’t want to implement other forms of PvP to take away from Cyrodiil, but to add arena to possibly give some sort of bonus to your faction’s campaign maybe a way to combine the two. Even dueling is on the horizon to hone you’re skills. Even possible 1v1 arena like Oblivion.

The cosmetic’s of the game will increase tremendously, starting with update 3. Along with this mini-games like horse racing will be added. New mounts with different traits, the very much wanted housing (and maybe guild halls) will be added. Jewel crafting will be added. Good chance of new motifs. Possibly even proximity voice communication. Appearance changing stations (described as a grouping/player interaction feature). I’m sure tons more that haven’t been announced or thought of.

End game. More trials, hard mode trials, raids without leaderboards (yes like wow), PvE arena (dragonstar), and more. Daedric artifact gear(on par legendary), while still maintaining crafting as a top priority. Champion points, think Badass ranks from Borderlands.

What I hope the Elder Scrolls Online is in a year

All the new zones post Craglorn I think will add to the sandbox feel of TES games that this game is missing. The way they have been described thus far is similar of 1-50, but 1 zone and a different approach?

I’m sure there are ton’s more I could of added. The basic idea is that the game will start linear to push through the main story, then become a sandbox MMO TES game with tons of distractions as well as progression focus.

Comment, Correct me if you think I’m way off in where I think the game is headed. None of us will know for sure until after Quakecon, but ZOS seems confident and I don’t think I’m too far off.


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